Lights, Camera, Action! Four Tips to Surviving Your “Hollywood” Debut

Nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic is video content, according to HubSpot. That’s a lot of people seeking the limelight. But… what if you’re not one of them? What if you’re not ready to kick off your Hollywood acting debut anytime soon? What if every bone in your body says no way!? Should video be avoided? You already know our answer to that question.

Here’s our simple “Hollywood” survival guide:

1. First and foremost, you’re not acting. You’re (hopefully!) speaking on a topic you’re passionate about. And forget rehearsed lines! Unless you ARE a Hollywood actor, looking truly natural in an unnatural environment (a set or sound stage) takes years of practice for most people. The secret to making a genuine video that will engage people is to be genuine. How? A good production team will guide you, but it’s not a secret. You won’t pull off genuine by spewing memorized lines. Instead, insist on an interview-style video, where someone is asking you questions about a subject you know well: you! Your answers will be natural. Problem solved.

2. Be prepared. No, you shouldn’t be memorizing lines. But you must know your subject. Know your bullet points and the questions that will come at you. Unless it’s “60 Minutes”, there shouldn’t be any surprises. And because it’s not live tv, re-do’s are allowed. Even the pros get them!

3. Look good, feel good. You will obviously dress the part. You’ll probably want to avoid the business suit if your video shoot is on a farm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Wear clothing that fits, is comfortable, and makes you feel good. Spend some time (or hire a pro) on hair and makeup. Yes, even if you’re a guy and the wardrobe calls for overalls.

4. Finally, breathe! Sounds simple, but as an on-air anchor and reporter for 30 years, there are times when things got stressful on live tv and a short breathing technique has saved the day. Under any stressful situation, concentrate for 30 seconds on your breathing: long, slow breaths, four seconds in, four seconds out.

The shoot will be over in no time, and you’ll be back resting comfortably in your dressing room.

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