10 Tips for Creating Quality Video Content

In 2020, when it comes to branding and marketing your organization, content is king. And the king of content is video. Here are 10 tips for creating quality video content.

1) Know Your Audience- Ask yourself “Who am I trying to reach?” Create your content and target your message to the end user. Speak to the needs, wants and challenges of your target audience.

2) Keep your Message Clear- The best videos are easy to understand. Easy to watch. Create scripts that are brief, compelling and focused on a message. Oh, and AVOID CORPORATE JARGON!

3) Keep It Short- A majority of people viewing video content for business tune out within the first 60 seconds. Edit your videos. And when you think you’re done, tighten them up some more.

4) Create a Content Calendar- Start a shared team calendar to actually schedule video and other content. This keeps you organized and on-track in your marketing efforts throughout the year. It also prevents your content from becoming stagnant or repetitive.

5) Brand Your Videos- Every video should start with a logo page or short animation and end with a “call to action” graphic including website, phone number or address. It’s also a good idea to include a small on-screen logo “bug” graphic in the corner of your video throughout its duration.

6) Build Content Levels- Your premier video is the one that should be prominently highlighted on the home page of your website. It paints a big picture of who you are and what you do. It should be professionally produced and the star of the show. Lesser videos can highlight smaller elements (departments, services, people) within your organization, and below that, lower tier videos can be short social media clips that are even shot on a smartphone as part of a regular schedule of content. (See #4 above.)

7) Look for Video Opportunities- It’s easier than ever thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone. If you’re attending a business conference, for example, pull out your phone and conduct interviews of relevant subjects (buy yourself a smartphone microphone like this one) or if your organization is receiving a reward, get video of it, and post it on social media. By the way, always hold your phone “landscape”-style (not up-and-down), so that the video fits fully on the computer monitor.  (Think about it: a computer monitor is “landscape”-style.)

8) Yes Guys, You DO Need Makeup- We’re not talking lipstick and mascara, but a little toner and powder to eliminate a shine on the forehead goes a long way.  (Guys: it’s okay to wash your face immediately after the shoot.)

9) Keep It Real- Video begs for authenticity. If you’re the expert on a subject, create a short selfie about that subject. You don’t need a production studio to “keep it real”. Check out our example, and while we did add some graphics to this video, that’s an extra you don’t necessarily need.

10) Have Fun- We know you’ve got a million other things to do and your on-camera performance probably won’t win an Oscar anytime soon. But creating video doesn’t have to be a chore.  Relax, smile, don’t overthink your message, and be real.

And if we can help, let us know.  Good luck!

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