We are digital Storytellers.
Video is our medium.

In this post-pandemic world, business is powered by video. From marketing, training, and storytelling to virtual tours, live streaming, and video conferencing, video is how organizations communicate. Let’s get yours in the game.

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Focus Media Services’ award-winning team specializes in digital video strategies supporting the training and marketing activities of federal (GSA), state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Brad Sattin
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Brad Sattin
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Jacqueline Miller
Daniel Arsenault
Tom Mustin

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In our thirty-plus years of brand journalism, we’ve met a few people and told a few stories. In fact, somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 stories, reaching tens of millions of people worldwide.

Our Six-Step
Creative Process


Script Writing

Story Boarding


Post Production

Final Delivery

Our Six-Step Creative Process

On-boarding +
Concept Development

script writing


final delivery


“The Great Resignation” Offers Great Opportunity

The Great Resignation: How Video is saving organizations from losing long-term knowledge to retirement. By: Kate Comella, Client Services Specialist | Focus Media Services Current labor shortages are affecting every business, from small shops to […]

Coronavirus: Communicating in a Crisis

We’re all nervous about the threat of coronavirus, but how your organization responds now will be remembered long after it’s gone. Your community is counting on you. Here’s what you can do.

10 Tips for Creating Quality Video Content

In 2020, when it comes to branding and marketing your organization, content is king. And the king of content is video. Here are 10 tips for creating quality video content. 1) Know Your Audience- Ask yourself […]

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Our studios are in Philadelphia. But we’ve traveled to Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland, Dallas, Cocoa Beach, Lexington, Norfolk, Milwaukee, New York, Palm Beach, San Diego, Virginia Beach… you get the idea.