Aerial Drone Videography

An overhead approach.
We use the latest drone technology.

Our state-of-the-art HD fleet of drones can deliver stunning video images for a wide variety of uses. Our drone pilots have their FAA licenses and are fully insured. Whether for marketing, surveying, or inspections purposes, aerial photos and video with 3-D mapping & imaging have become a visual necessity.

Drone Videography Uses


for beauty shots that engage audiences

Real Estate & Construction

for detailed property overviews

Utility Surveys

to study structures and right-of-ways

Events & Sports

to showcase big events and massive crowds

Expos & Trade Shows

to capture the scale of the show

Weddings & Celebrations

to add a special perspective 


to view new evidence from above

Gold Courses & Resorts

to discover the true beauty of the greens

Film & Theatre

to capture dramatic angles

Races & Aerials

to offer a thrilling perspective

Search & Rescue

to view dangerous locations safely


to capture majestic shots of landmarks

See for yourself

Drones for Marketing, Tourism and Real Estate

Bring your content to new heights with spectacular, eye-popping vistas.

PhilaPort Ship Philly

Drone footage is ideal for creating promotional videos of large-scale operations such as PhilaPort.

Pigeon Forge

Even when drone footage isn’t the main focus of a video, it can be used to complement the other audio and visual components, as seen in our Pigeon Forge Fire Safety video.

3-d Mapping & surveying

High-definition 3-D mapping technology allows for a much more detailed visual inspection. Choose a media tab, zoom and scroll. 

Ready to tell your story?

We are a group of dedicated producers, writers, videographers, drone pilots, graphic artists, editors and live-event technicians who work with a limited number of clients to provide hyper-focused details to every project. We start by listening, because telling your story first requires that we know your story. Our mission is to ensure the world knows, too.

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