Virtual Campus Tours

Reach more prospects.
Bring the beauty of your campus online.

We know you’re facing challenges that seem insurmountable. Teaching has never looked so different. And if you’re a private institution, you’re constantly forced to prove your ROI and create new ways to attract students.  We can help.

Let video do what face-to-face can’t

Next to an in-person tour or open house, video is the best way to showcase everything you have to offer: the learning environment, social aspects, campus beauty, community engagement, school pride and more. A thoughtful video puts you in charge of your message. And the right technology, such as an open-house live-streaming event, ensures that your message gets to those meant to see it.

Bishop Eustace Preparatory School

Watch the virtual tour we created after just two days on campus.



We’re not in the business of producing videos you don’t need. So we always begin by understanding what your message is and who it’s for.  From there, we’ll create content that delivers. 


Aerial video brings your production to new heights, both literally and figuratively. Nothing can polish a production like the beauty of drone videography.

Video Tour

Our videographers are the best in the business. Each has decades of experience behind the camera lens. Your video tour will engage viewers in ways that even an in-person tour can’t achieve. 

Open House Livestream

Our multi-camera livestreaming events bring a production studio to your campus. With the power to broadcast live onto any platform and replay on-demand, your message is available 24/7. 

See for yourself

Frankford Friends School

When the U.S. Navy approached us to create a video of its highly-technical Business Systems Center (and gave us 30 days to do it!) we accepted the challenge.

Live Streaming On-Campus Open House

An edited version of a Campus Open House event, broadcast live on the school’s Facebook page—including multiple cameras, smooth transitions, and additional video, graphics, and power point presentations. 

Ready to tell your story?

We are a group of dedicated producers, writers, videographers, drone pilots, graphic artists, editors and live-event technicians who work with a limited number of clients to provide hyper-focused details to every project. We start by listening, because telling your story first requires that we know your story. Our mission is to ensure the world knows, too.