Strategic/Crisis Communications

Tactics meet strategy.
Plan for every possibility.


Marketers who say good content strategy was a major key to success (B2B Content Marketing 2018)


Google Search users who don’t click past page 1
(Chitka Insights)

Strategic Communications

We have a passion for telling meaningful  stories. What makes a story meaningful? For starters, it’s told to the right audience. Determining the audience isn’t a matter of art, but science. Strategic Communications often starts with market research: the insights we get from listening.

From there, we’ll develop a tactical plan that meets the strategy that leads to a desired outcome like boosting brand awareness, increasing membership or growing sales. Those tactics could include a website rebuild, video production, social media content, media training, press releases, networking, newsletters, crisis and reputation management, and other customized internal and external communications.


“Focus Media’s forward-thinking and creative approach to meeting our membership growth and public relations goals has exceeded all our expectations.”

– Rob Levin, Hapco Philadelphia Board Member


Protect your reputation. In a crisis, it’s not just engaging with the outside world, it’s also knowing when not to. Utilize our decades of experience in the media to ensure you have a unified and comprehensive crisis communications strategy that manages the message, controls the narrative, and repairs your brand.

Hosting and Moderating

Focus Media Services also offers professional hosting and moderating services for television, live web events, press conferences, town hall meetings, and panel discussions. Our veteran broadcasters and speakers are the most polished in the business.

“A great team of professionals at Focus Media. They helped me pull off a very professional press conference.” 

– Clarivate Analytics

Why We Vax

We created a weekly video series called “Vax Talks” to separate fact from fiction when it comes to understanding vaccines.

Ready to tell your story?

We are a group of dedicated producers, writers, videographers, drone pilots, graphic artists, editors and live-event technicians who work with a limited number of clients to provide hyper-focused details to every project. We start by listening, because telling your story first requires that we know your story. Our mission is to ensure the world knows, too.

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