Have you ever really examined what’s coming across your Facebook feed? I spent a couple hours this morning doing just that. I recognize that being a long-time journalist/video brand marketing dude, my feed may not look like most. Some of my Facebook friends are tv viewers whom I don’t know personally. Many, of course, are friends and family. Others are news sites I follow.

I scrolled down the first 100 posts on my feed, and here’s what I found.

Facebook Postings 1-27-17

A few conclusions based on my unscientific analysis. Facebook has changed… a lot! It used to be all family updates or photos of friends. Now– especially in this political climate– my wall is nearly equal in the amount of personal, original content and links or forwarded/sponsored information. And then there’s the form of delivery. Only 29 of the 100 posts were exclusively text, like one friend’s groundbreaker: “I’m sleepy.” About one in four contained a photo. The rest, 44%, included video. There’s a lot of information competing for our attention. If you’re marketing your business (and assuming your message extends beyond “I’m sleepy”), video is the attention-grabber. But with 44 of 100 posts using video, the lesson is pretty clear: your headline must be impactful, compelling or intriguing enough to get people to click. On that note, it’s time for a nap.