facebooklivelogoVideo was huge in 2016. And it will just get bigger in 2017. Online video accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. 
Companies are now figuring out that a creative and strategic video campaign is a critical component to the overall annual marketing plan. These days it’s not just posting video. It’s being able to leverage your company story to engage your customers and ultimately convert new clients. Here are some of the top video trends emerging for the new year.
Video Email Campaigns
No one wants to read emails anymore. People want to watch. Including video content allows your message to come across more authentic, personal and thoughtful. 
Email blasts should no longer be text and static images. Expect the popularity of custom video content to explode in 2017.  According to statistics from Social Media Today, using the word “VIDEO” in the email subject line:
Boosts open rates by 19 %
Reduces unsubscribes by 26%
Increases click-through rates by 65%
Companies should now be using video in all of their email campaigns. 
-Break up the monotony of boring company newsletters by incorporating a “video newsletter” in your next campaign.
-Have employees introduce themselves with a short on camera clip with an “Employee Spotlight” section.
-Highlight involvement in a community event by showcasing a short video clip. 
Social Media Video Content
Your customers rely on social media. They are using multi platforms and consuming video at a blistering pace.  As a business marketer, you should be capitalizing on these channels and aligning opportunities by developing a video marketing content calendar and keeping your brand on message throughout the year. Take a look at any social media feed. It’s ALL ABOUT VIDEO.  Take advantage by putting your business in front of customers’ eyeballs.  But don’t mistake social media video for advertising. If you constantly promote discounts, sales and products your followers will stop listening.  Companies must add value to the conversation. Concentrate on creating engaging content and fostering relationships with important online influencers. Those people can be a critical component to word of mouth marketing. 
Video doesn’t have to be brain surgery. We always tell clients the foundation of any video campaign is a professionally produced brand video about your company. But that’s just the beginning.  Successful businesses are also finding creative ways of utilizing easy to learn Do-It-Yourself (free) smartphone video strategies for their social media platforms. 
An investment in a smartphone tripod, an external microphone and a video editing app (iMovie) can be done for less than $50. 
You should also spend an hour learning how to do basic smartphone video editing. It really is easier than it sounds.   And include subtitles to your social media videos. (Facebook ranks videos with subtitles higher in news feeds).     Those tools can help your business for years to come. Then let the creativity flow.
Live Stream Video
Facebook now has a “Live Video” feature that lets businesses broadcast videos to their audiences in real time from their smartphones. 
Viewers are three times more likely to watch live video than recorded videos. The possibilities are endless. This feature can give your customers “behind-the-scenes” at your business.  
Some ideas include:
-A retail store may reveal a new storefront.
-Interview with a customer about a new product.
-A tour of your facility.
-Live unboxing of a new product
-Restaurant chef on preparing a new menu item.
-Financial advisor/attorney giving monthly question and answer.
-Broadcast live from sponsored community event.
The best part of Facebook Live is you can see real time comments and users engage customers directly. And once the live event is over, the recorded version appears in your followers news feed if they didn’t catch it live.
The general rule of video is the shorter the better.  But statistics have shown with live video events the opposite is the case. We’ve learned live events of at least 5 minutes to a half-hour work best because it give viewers a chance to tune in.  We always tell clients to send a Facebook post about 30 minutes before your live event to promote your broadcast.   Use the first couple minutes of the broadcast to “tease” the viewers about what they are about to see.  And always end the video with a “call to action” in case viewers want to get in touch with you.  Again, this is free service that has the potential to engage customers in ways we never could before.