Aerial Drone Videography

Aerial Drone Videography is an Indispensable Visual Tool

Focus Media Services is the leader in spectacular low level aerial drone videography.

A Perspective Unlike Any Other

Our state-of-the-art HD fleet of drones can deliver stunning video images for a wide range of uses. Our drone pilots have their FAA drone licenses and are fully insured. Whether for websites, brochures, fine art, or on-site presentations, aerial photos and video are a unique way to connect with your customers.

Who uses drone videography?

Real Estate: to get a detailed overview of real estate sites, for the safety of the buyer and the seller.

Construction: to shoot each detail of construction sites, not just the face.

Surveying: to survey sites and get an all-around picture, aerial drones are the answer.


Events & Sports: to cover big events and massive crowds.

Expos & Tradeshows: to get a true scale of the show.

Action Sports/Extreme: to get those extreme angles that cannot be shot traditionally.

Weddings & Celebrations: to add a special perspective to your special moment.

Documentaries: to view new evidence from above.

Golf Courses & Resorts: to see the impressive beauty of the greens.

Film & Theater: to capture the action and dramatic angles from above.

Races & Aerials: to offer a thrilling perspective.

Search & Rescue: to keep people safe by searching dangerous locations from above before sending rescuers in.

Tourism: to capture majestic shots of landmarks and tourist destinations.

Family Videos: to make your videos something to be treasured for generations!

Ready to tell your story?

We are a group of dedicated producers, writers, videographers, graphic artists and editors who work with a limited number of clients to provide hyper-focused details to every project. We start by listening, because telling your story first requires that we know your story. Our mission is to ensure the world knows, too.