Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi) provides solutions for companies in the warehousing, distribution and logistics sector to improve their internal and external processes and work flows.

Case Study Feature Reel

A strategic, two-video business solution.

Since every business solution and implementation is unique, IPSi documents its successes with a series of video case studies. For the past seven years, IPSi has partnered with Focus Media Services in creating  video testimonials: stories about how companies employing IPSi’s business solutions are achieving greater productivity and growth. IPSi has amassed a library of video content that showcases its customers’ success stories. The company now uses these videos as digital sales tools in marketing to new customers. IPSi also repurposes these video clips throughout the year to create content on its social media platforms and for distribution to industry publications. The company continues to see a high ratio return on investment for each video campaign produced.

Ready to tell your story?

We are a group of dedicated producers, writers, videographers, graphic artists and editors who work with a limited number of clients to provide hyper-focused details to every project. We start by listening, because telling your story first requires that we know your story. Our mission is to ensure the world knows, too.