claravate-analyticsTechnology changes so quickly that it seems big companies know what we want before we do. I remember laughing off a few silly innovations like text messaging (why would I want to type on a tiny phone when I could just call the person?), fingerprint access to my phone (that’s just silly!), and bluetooth (I couldn’t take the name seriously).

Yes, the companies knew before I did.

Yesterday, I had an amazing opportunity to moderate a press conference announcing the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in the World, a list compiled by Clarivate Analytics. I had the chance to chat with the company leaders at ExxonMobil ($237 billion in sales), Saint-Gobain ($44 billion), Philips ($27 billion), and Marvell Technology (3.4 Billion), all of whom made the list, of course. What I learned is that when it comes to innovation, they’re not thinking one or five years ahead, they’re planning for fifty years from now! I should have text messaging mastered by then.

If you’d like to watch the press conference,   click here.