This is a story about how a fun video project we produced got the attention of Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart and millions of network television viewers across the world.

It all started during an over-caffeinated morning meeting at Starbucks. A client gave us an unusual request to produce a concept video for a teenager’s bar mitzvah celebration. It’s not typically the kind of project we do, but this was different. A lot different.

The client was 13-year-old Will Rubin. The kid is a huge fan of late night talk shows. His parents had the amazing idea of throwing a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” -themed bar mitzvah. We took it from there.

Our creative mission was to parody the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show by using our teenaged show host.  We produced “Will Rubin Live”, a 20-minute mock talk show hosted by the guest of honor. By using a real talk show set and custom designed logos, our creative minds produced an opening monologue, re-created popular segments like “Celebrity Mean Tweets”, “Lie Witness News” and “Car Pool Karaoke”.   The only thing missing from the video was a message from Jimmy Kimmel himself.

That’s where our decades of experience in media placement paid off big-time.

Focus Media Services worked with established contacts at ABC to send producers a short 15-second video message inviting Kimmel to the bar mitzvah celebration. Within 24 hours, we got a response from the head writer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” who was interested in hearing Will’s story.  Producers told us Jimmy was unavailable to attend the celebration, but he wanted to send Will a gift and a video message.

The following week, Will was asked to be a guest on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, and the segment was topped off with a cameo by Jon Stewart.

The segment ran for 6 and a half minutes on network television.  So far, more than 4 million people have seen this clip on television or online.  We call that hitting the lottery of media placement.  It’s the kind of advertising that money literally cannot buy but is worth millions of dollars.  It can be achieved with experience, tenacity and really good idea.

Here is the segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that ran on July 13, 2017.