hallothanksmasI saw my first holiday commercial last week, and thought… really? It’s pushing 70 degrees on the east coast, and Thanksgiving is still a couple weeks away. But there he was. Santa. I found it a bit challenging to get into the spirit. Then I saw two more holiday commercials… in a row.  Maybe it’s me.

However, what I DO know is… now is exactly the right time to create a quick and easy holiday video for family, friends, or business clients.  It doesn’t have to include Hollywood-style effects. It can be a simple personalized greeting with some music, a little text, and a heartfelt message. So many apps offer these “create-your-own videos” in the palm of your hand. (Smartphone not included.) And they can look great! Jib-Jab still gets me laughing.

However, if you’re looking for a holiday business greeting slightly more advanced, we’ve got some ideas that won’t break the bank. Let us know if we can help.