Choosing a video production company to create custom content for your digital platforms can be a substantial investment. But hiring a professional creative team can be well worth it—if you do it right. That means creating a strategy that incorporates a mix of professionally produced video content and in-house do it yourself videos.  The bottom line is to have a campaign utilizing a monthly calendar by releasing fresh content through the year. This provides your digital audience with useful, entertaining and timely content while reinforcing your brand and effectively markets your company.

Here are: 5 Tips To Choose the Right Video Production Company

1) Don’t Make A Video. Create A Campaign– When you hire a video production company think about producing more than just a single website video.  Consider an entire campaign. We always tell clients to have a short, slick, front page “About Us” video showcased on a website. But why not think about producing a number of other videos that highlight a product, your team, community involvement, or upcoming event.  A production crew is going to be on-site anyway so you might as well get as much as you can out of them while their there. Video can always be held for later editing.

2) Start With General Idea- The more ideas you have in mind the easier the process will become.  You should have a general idea of what kind of videos you would like to create. Do you need a general profile video?  A product demonstration? Sales video? Ask yourself who is your target audience and what is the best kind of content will engage that audience.

Secondly, send your video producer samples of videos you have already seen and really like.  Send 3-5 links of videos that you really liked and start the conversation of what you may be seeking to produce. They will also give you a general budget of what videos of that quality may cost to produce.

3) Watch Current Demo Reels-Every video production company has different styles, industry segments, specialties and budgets.  A great wedding videographer may not be suitable for interviewing Fortune 500 business leaders.  The best way to see the quality of any video production company is to ask for their most recent work. Most would be happy to show off their projects. And always ask for video samples from industries closest to your kind of organization.

4) Get Several Quotes and Ask Questions– Don’t be surprised if you get a wide range of different quotes from video production companies. Quotes can vary depending on personnel, equipment, and time estimates. The first question we usually get asked by clients is “How much will a video cost?”  Well, a 30 second video could range anywhere from $500 iPhone video to $5 million broadcast Super Bowl commercial.  The question you should be prepared to answer is What is the budget for your campaign?

Some other questions you should ask a video production company is: How many people are working on the video? Number of cameras? Will my video need graphic design or animation? Are you using actors? The answers to these questions will greatly effect the video production budget.

5) Consider Value of Your Time-Choose a company that knows how to produce a turnkey campaign from start to finish. Video production is a time consuming process but your time is valuable. Make sure the company you chose manages the entire process. You are paying professionals to tell your story. Let them be the experts in the production. Give them your ideas and let producers run with them. Your video team should always be thinking about “what’s next”. Your story shouldn’t end with one video. Keep the conversation going. “Fresh Content is King”.